Long Cruise 2003

19-23 August 2003

Updated 11 April 2005 23:32

Sea Scout Ship 25's Long Cruise for the summer of 2003 was an adventure back in time.  

  The current H.M.S. SULTANA is an authentic replica of His Majesty’s Schooner SULTANA, a Royal Navy revenue cutter and dispatch boat that sailed the Chesapeake Bay of the American Colonies of His Britannic Majesty King George III in the years immediately prior to the American War of Independence.  The original SULTANA was built in Boston, Massachusetts in 1767 as a merchant vessel to carry cargo to and from ports along the coast of North America.  She was sold to the Royal Navy shortly after she was completed.  The current SULTANA was launched in Chestertown, MD on March 24, 2001 having been constructed from a draught of the original SULTANA recorded by Royal Navy surveyors on June 21, 1768 at Deptford Navy Yard outside Greenwich, England.  SULTANA sails the waters of the Chesapeake Bay each year from April through November providing educational programs for over 5000 students annually. Sultana also offers land-based educational opportunities in the form of classroom outreach programs and boatbuilding courses at the Schooner Sultana Shipyard in Chestertown., MD.  For more information and photos, visit the SULTANA website at http://www.schoonersultana.com/about.htm and meet the professional crew of SULTANA at http://www.schoonersultana.com/crew.htm .



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